Nov 4, 2007

"Savior, teach me of the cross."

Even if Ian were to be healed completely tonight, that would not be the most amazing thing that God has done in his life. The story of Ian's salvation is far greater than any story of healing. The story of the cross is far more glorious than any story of healing leppers. God came looking for Ian and saved him. God plucked his feet out of the net, delivered him from his sin, and gave him eternity. God has dealt mercifully with Ian. God willed Jesus to die on the cross and be punished for every sin that Ian ever has or ever will commit. Ian has been spared from much. Ian has been given a new heart, a heart of flesh, a heart that loves God and desires to please him. What a drastic change from the heart of stone that he had prior to being saved.

Oh to remember this above all else. Above any coma, any sickness, any sadness. To give God the glory that He deserves for what He has done...

Thank you, always, for praying for Ian



Anonymous said...

Still praying for Ian's healing.
Still thanking God for your examples of enduring trials while trusting in His faithfulness.
Still amazed by grace.

John Q

Beejee Herr said...

Truth is such a trasforming power. Thank you for locking your gaze on the Savior and encouraging us to do the same. Circumstances always via for our attention, but a heart at rest is one that looks to Jesus. You are often on my prayers, but you are always on God's heart. Love~Beejee

Jennifer Altrogge said...

So amazing that you can say that, in the midst of this. God is well honored in your life.

Anonymous said...

Larissa & Murphys,
Think of you all so often. Larissa, your post reminds me of some thoughts I have had lately - I am so tempted to ask "why" such difficult trials happen. But I think a bigger (or better) question than that is "why did God send Jesus to the cross for us sinners?" I want to grow in my quickness to turn to that question instead. Will I be as quick to wonder at God's favor on me as I am to wonder at the trials around me? It may not exactly answer the first question, but it helps redirect my gaze to God's inexplicable mercy and the glory we shall all see in full one day. May God help us to let our souls rest in Him, like "a weaned child with its mother." (Ps. 131) Praying for you. Sara B.