Nov 6, 2007

Painfully slow progress

Ian has come a long way. We have something of a routine in the evening that includes helping Ian re-learn to sit up. We were reminding ourselves of how far he's come in that area. When we first started six months ago or so, he could barely hold his head up. Then we noticed he was holding his head up, but he couldn't keep his body from lunging around in different directions. Then, at another point we were noticing how much better he was doing with that. We have a bar attached to the therapy table I made that we would have him try to use to hold himself up, but he couldn't seem to grab the bar with any consistency. Then, we noticed he did that with consistency. I created another attachment for the table that would keep him from falling backwards hard onto the therapy table, and we've noticed he doesn't need that anymore. Last night, we noticed he probably doesn't even need the bar anymore. He holds himself up well. He's making progress, but it's so painfully slow.

This is the season God has given all of us. This is the day that the Lord has made. We will be glad and rejoice in it despite the pain we're experiencing.

Pray that Ian would be able to talk to us.



Anonymous said...

Just remember - "Inch by inch"!

Ian IS responding - Just not as fast as we would like. God's time is not ours, and that is hard for all of us to understand, as we wait and hope AND pray.
Prayers of many are coming his way. Encourage him that there are a lot of people praying and loving him. One day I BELIEVE your Blog will send out a picture of Ian standing, yes, and talking to you.
God bless and sustain you all.
Rene from Latrobe

Bernadine said...

I don't always leave a comment but I stop by almost every day and Ian and those of you who love and care for him are on my prayer list. I will continue to pray and hold faith for Ian.

Anonymous said...

"It is normal for Christians to have experiences that threaten their faith and press too hard or last too long and are almost intolerable' (no, they are intolerable!). 'Losing heart is a great spiritual danger."
You have not lost heart, though at times you feel as though you have...........thank you murphy's and laris.

Anonymous said...

Stay the course, Steve!
But, yes, it is hard when progress seems to be slow....but it is still progress! Ian continues to move forward. I don't recall reading anywhere in the blog where he...what's the opposite of "progress"...regressed? all.
God has you all in the palm of His hand and under His watchful eye. He will bless your faithfulness! What a testimony you all are! May you feel His love and strength in a fresh way today.

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Tim said...

Steve: Thanks for this progress report. You continue to bless and teach me! I join you in praying that Ian would talk. -Tim, Wellspring Church, CA