Oct 28, 2007

This Week

Ian had some of his best sessions of sitting up this week. He is obviously getting much stronger and is working so hard to figure out how to balance himself again. A few times that he was sitting up he was using his voice at the same time. I was encouraging to keep talking to us, even if it doesn't seem to make sense. We had good reports from the therapy at the hospital as well.

So will Ian ever come back? I don't know. I don't know God's will. But I am encouraged that Ian has had no set-backs, only progress. I will not put my hope in that, but God continues to answer our prayers and continues to be kind to us.

Thank you for praying



Bernadine said...

Thank you for the praise report. Whatever the outcome, whatever God's will I will continue to pray for continued answers to prayer and that He will strengthen and uphold you.

jenny said...

I remember when my brother was in his coma. He would be lying in bed, rubbing on his feeding tube. I would come to his side and he would just start jabbering to me in an unintelligible language, but with an expression on his face like he was having a conversation with me. I ask him if he was speaking Russian to me and he would babble back. Then I would try babbling to him and he would just laugh at me.

Persevere. We don't understand God's plan, but He is in control and you will be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

"KEEP MOVING FORWARD" This was the linking line in the movie..
"MEET THE ROBINSONS"...We watched it with our little kids the past weekend...it portrayed how "all things work for the good" and we just need to 'keep moving forward'. Perhaps you all, could consider watching it as family...it is also fun and made us laugh out loud in places...praying for you all,

Anonymous said...

From John Piper's book: The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God. "I have written for sufferers. I pray that you will be helped to endure til healing, or to die well. 'To live is Christ, to die is gain'.Phil 1:21 Which of these will be our portion, God himself will decide."
love, gigi

blogkatt said...

I will continue praying for Ian. Nothing is impossible in God's hands.