Aug 13, 2007


We had a private screening last night of the latest unedited movie created by Ian and David. The filming for the movie was completed about two years ago; Ian was the main character. Ian was in front of the TV while we played it, and I had a perfect view of his face the whole time. His eyes were wide open, and he was riveted. He even made some noise with his voice. That experience with Ian is very unique, and it was encouraging to see it. I have no idea what to conclude about it, but we were encouraged.

Please pray for a breakthrough. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Steve!
Cool new look to the blog!
Good to hear the encouraging post on Ian! It seems that the steps, though they may be small, are all going in the right direction...forward and not backward.
Thank You, Lord, for healing Ian. Thank You that we can see actual progress. Thank You that there is progress in his brain, nerves and other parts of his body that we can't see but that You are healing. We know that You will bring this good work to its completion.

I don't know why, but last night as I lay in bed praying for Ian, I ended up with a tear-stained pillow. That hasn't happened in a while...

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

That is such great news! Everyday there seems to be progress - yes it is slower than we would want, but it is progress. We continue to pray for Ian.

Our church's prayers were answered for a young man who was in an accident much like Ian's. The doctor's and family have not been able to believe his progress. He is now in a rehabiliation home - Praise the Lord! Miracles do happen every day! May God give you all strength. Rene

Anonymous said...

Pure grace, slow and steady... each drop portioned out in precise measurements...just the right amount, stirred with just the right consistency and added with perfect timing

You all are a wonderful example of this life sustaining ingredient - Grace...I am praying for this break through for Ian...Thanks for being such a powerful example of God's faithfulness

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve,
I was in Gaithersburg vacationing with my Brother and Family for the last 10 days when Charlene(sister in-law)told me about Ian. I live in Pasadena, CA and go to Sovereign Grace Pasadena Church.

Dann Shubin was my Care Group leader year before last and is my very good friend was in a head on collision on 8/2/07. He has not woken up due to his severe head injuries. If you want to check out his blog that has been set up by someone in our church it is

I will add Ian and your family to my prayer list and get our church to start praying as well.
Lord, I pray that your grace in this time of trial be more than sufficiant to carry Ian and his family.
A scripture that comes to mind is Numbers 15:37-41 The Lord instructs the Israelites to put a cord of blue on the tassels of each corner of their garmets so they will remember His deliverence of them out of Egypt. May His Grace be your cord of blue to remind you of his grace, healing and deliverence as you walk through this.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray - great news on all the progress!

Just wondering if Ian is using a communication board/system right now? My daughter had a hypoxic period before birth (like a stroke) and had difficulty speaking. Before she could communicate verbally, we used pictures of activities/things and encouraged her to select a picture to communicate, while trying to prompt her to speak verbally. (For example, we tried laminated pictures of food, places, activities, people, etc.)

Just wanted to throw this out there - it came into my mind as I was praying for Ian and your family.