Aug 11, 2007


With his feet on the floor, Ian was able to lean forward (as most of us might sit) in his wheelchair and hold himself there of his own accord. Small steps...



Anonymous said...

Dear Ian, Murphy Family, and Larissa,
Thank you for your continued witness and for your updating us on everything. I thank the Lord for His Presence with each of us, and I thank Him for you.
What a friend we have in Jesus! He is right there beside Ian, you, me, and everyone who calls upon His Name.
What joy it is to hear of each step that the Lord is helping Ian to take... and I pray that, soon, there will be literal steps that he is taking!
May the Lord continue to give His wisdom, strength, faith, and joy to you and to all who are helping to care for Ian.
We continue to pray more than daily for all of you!

audra Barrick said...

I was reading this blog as I was lisening to my iTunes. The song "Hope Has Come" from the album "Savior" was playing. I got chills thinking of the words of the chorus "Alleluia, hope has come, Alleluia Christ has come." How wonderful that Jesus is the source of our hope and that He has come and walks with us. I am just amazed at this mystery all over again.

I pray that God maintains your strength as a family and restores Ian's strength. I am amazed at God's blessings each day I read these postings. He is good!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...