Jul 31, 2007

Yesterday I was sitting by Ian and got so excited because he just seemed so ready to wake up and talk. He is showing us more and more frequently that he is with us and that he is working so hard to come back to us. I have a lot of updates that I want to give, but it's late and my thoughts aren't very clear, so here comes just a bulleted list.

  • Ian seems to me to be remembering more. Yesterday I held up a picture of us from vacation last year and asked him if he remembered it. He said he did. He responded like that to another question that I had for him recently about a memory. Before he didn't really respond consistently when I asked him about his memory.
  • He made a sound today that was the farthest from groaning that I've heard. It was almost like a "cha" sound, but it wasn't super clear. It was just great to hear something besides a groan. Maybe his speech is on it's way back......
  • Heather is teaching him how to roll over in bed. I heard reports that today he was basically able to do it. and even repeated it for someone.
  • Mom, he ate several spoonfuls of your applesauce the other day:)
  • Amanda said that yesterday was the hardest that Ian has ever worked for her. Praise God!
  • Ian was so so tired tonight that he couldn't even hold his head up. Praise God again! It is good to him to be that tired because it means he is working very, very hard.

Please pray that Ian makes significant progress. He needs God to deliver him. He is in there but he can't get himself out. Please pray that he will not be discouraged, frustrated or bored.

Thank you all for serving us through your prayers....



Anonymous said...

Praying for him to break thru. This is all very encouraging.

Lois Sensenig said...

Dear Larissa,

I praise God for your loving care for Ian. God has surely given you His love to care for him. We are praying for Ian to come forward and for you and the whole family.

I love all your posts. They are very encouraging as you all step into God's Word to encourage yourselves you all encouraging all who read your posts!

I think of the many people that do not know Jesus and are hearing the gospel through these postings! Praise God!!

We are members of the Lancaster church. Thanks for loving,praying and caring for the Haughery family.

Tim said...

Larissa - I rejoice with you in the progress Ian is making. Thanks for keeping us informed! Continuing to pray, TimK - WellSpring Church, CA

Anonymous said...

I will pray, as you say, that Ian does not get discouraged or bored. Look how far he has come! I know that God would have us all remember where Ian WAS so that we can return glory to Him for where he is now.
"I know, O LORD, that your rules are righteous, and that IN FAITHFULNESS You have afflicted me."
"If Your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction."
(Psalm 119: 75, 92)
Keep on pressing into His Word, Murphys and Larissa. He will sustain you and Ian every day.
Sara B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Larissa, what a great post!
Thank you so much for taking the time when you were weary to give us this encouraging report!
Ian, I am so proud of the progress you are making. You are working hard and it shows. Keep at it!!! When I pray for you, I just picture all of your nerves, muscles, etc. working together as they should, as God designed them to work.
Dear Lord, thank You that You are with Ian, thank You that You are healing him, working in him every day. Please, Lord, completely restore him, to Your glory!

Still Praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

dear larissa,
prayig praying,praying. waiting eagerly for God's miraculous intervention and the 'wake up call'.
thank-you to you,steve and all the others who transparently share hearts and minds.God sure has created eloquent folk.may his name continue to be praied as you have been doing.

Jen Marie said...

praying praying praying
love you

Anonymous said...

Yes, still praying. Gretchen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Continuing to pray for Ian and all of you. God bless you, Darci in FL

Anonymous said...

I pray that tomorrow is filled with many blessings--
We are praying and holding you in our hearts.
You are always in my thoughts
God Bless All
Phyllis Miller

Anonymous said...

Why did Jesus allow Lazarus to be in the tomb for as long as He did? That's a question that I used to ask myself all the time. But, every thing that God does is for a reason and purpose. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after he already started developing a stinch. It's amazing to me how God works. The stinch, in other people's minds, was just more proof that there was no hope for Lazarus. But our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, proved them wrong. Ian not fully awake and speaking could seem as a "stinch" to some, "proving" even more that he may never recover. But, just as Jesus called out to Lazarus, He will call out to Ian. What's also amazing is that Lazarus came walking out in his grave clothes! I believe this showed those who were watching that His Savior conquered that which was binding him. I believe with all of my heart that Ian, one day soon, will jump out of his bed, showing the glory and majesty of God. I know God has already healed Ian. Jesus is saying, "Ian, come forth!" Amen.

Waiting and praying for Ian to walk out, "grave clothes" and all, to show the Mercy and Glory of God.