Jul 29, 2007

The glory of heaven

I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth
comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
Romans 8:18

Wikipedia can't capture in words what the glory of heaven will be; no reference work or book or speaker could either. Paul, the writer of the letter of Romans, wrote in another part of his letter that the hope of this glory, the glory that Christians will experience, will not disappoint us. Not only is it a guarantee, but it will be beyond what we could even comprehend. It will not disappoint us in any way. In this part of his letter, Paul presents a dramatic contrast between the suffering we experience here on earth and that glory we'll experience in heaven. As intense as Paul's suffering must have been (he was frequently persecuted physically and eventually killed for his faith), he saw it as a quickly fading memory.

I saw this drab old barn in my travels. It's not something you would stop and admire and then tell your friends about. You probably wouldn't even notice it; if you did, it would quickly fade from your memory. This suffering Ian is experiencing and that we're experiencing will be like that - a memory that will immediately fade when we enter heaven. We won't even think about it. I can't wait.

Ian had a visit this week from Heath- a friend he made during his internship last summer working for Haverstick Films. I think it was the highlight of Ian's week. He was as fully engaged as we've ever seen him. We had been telling him that his friend would be visiting, and it was as if he didn't want to take his normal afternoon nap. He didn't want to miss his friend's visit.

Thank you for praying.....


audra Barrick said...


I am so encouraged each time I read these blogs. God is using this for His glory. I wanted to encourage all of you . This past Sunday at church, both pastors were on retreat, so we had a worship and sharing time. I have shared Ian's story in the past and asked the church to pray. I was so pleased to be able to share all the changes that have occurred since March (last time I was able to share). The church was so excited and are renewed in their prayers for Ian.

God bless you all!
Chris and Audra Barrick

Anonymous said...

I cannot truly imagine what the glory of heaven will be like...it is inconceivable to limited human thougts. I truly thnk that the "hope of His glory" is all we truly have to anticipate...all else is obviously sinking sand. Praying for Ian, hoping for more "engaged" visits... Thanks for bringing him on Saturday...it was so great to see him out...and again to be reminded why I am praying. Thanks for the blog, Steve. I read it over and over, there is much to digest there...and since you are living in the deep waters it is all the more meaningful. Gigi

videojen said...

thank you. for these words.

I continue to pray for Ian.

Tim said...

Steve - Your biblical focus in all of this both encourages and humbles me. Thanks for writing this entry. It stimulates me to keep praying for Ian. SDG! - TimK, WellSpring Church, CA