Jul 21, 2007

The Riches of Heaven

"Stop and think of it. Every good thing we know here on earth is a product of God's grace. And we who know Christ are going to heaven for this express purpose: so that God can showcase the infinite riches of His grace by showering His goodness on us endlessly. Does that not make your heart prefer the riches of heaven to the meager pleasures of earth?"
- John McArthur -
In one brief moment, Ian's life was changed. Ours was too. The pleasures of earth seem so much more meager since that day. I long for heaven.
I was sitting behind Ian in church today. After the meeting was almost over, I leaned forward to whisper some encouragement in his ear. He was obviously attentive. Then, he turned his eyes and his head and looked right at me. It still startles me when he looks right at me, even though he's been doing that for a couple weeks now.
Come back to us, Ian.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve.
So GREAT to visit with you all this past Saturday! Truly, the highlight of my weekend! You all were such gracious hosts!
You didn't see it because you were behind Ian, but when I held the shirt that I bought for him up for him to see, he was very attentive and mouthing some words. I think either he was trying to thank me for the gift or he was trying to figure out the words on the shirt, which read sideways bottom to top and are actually kinda hard to figure out. But, Ian was definitely trying to express something. Also, a few times when I was speaking to Ian, he was very attentive. One time I remember was when I started saying, "Well, Ian, I really don't even know you very well, but in the blog it said you told someone that their shoes offended you. Did you really say that?" (HA!) He looked squarely at me and then got a look that seemed to say, "Oh, yeah, I remember that!" There were other times when he looked right at me (and Jesse) and seemed completely in tuned to the conversation. Oh! One other time was when I talked to him about Larissa.
Sorry; I should have pointed all this out at the time.
I have been praying especially for Ian's throat. (Remember a while back, we were praying specifically for his eye?)
Yes, come back to us, Ian. Work hard, REALLY hard to do that! God is working in and through you, Ian. You are never out of His sight; you are graven in His hand. He knows; He sees; He cares.
You are in my prayers daily.

Still Praying!

The Blog Hog...M.A.K.

m&a said...

Way to go, Ian!

We miss you and love you and continue to pray fervently for you! You're doing a great job, and God is doing a GREAT work in you! Be encouraged by His faithfulness to you, even now!

Come back to us, IAN!!!!!!!!!!!

-Matthieu and Amber Croce