Jul 8, 2007

Pudding and Pears

Ian has been eating spoonfuls of pudding and baby food - pears mostly. Three times a day Mary feeds him, and he started out slow at first. Now, he's taking 5 or 6 spoonfuls or more at each "meal." He swallows relatively quickly, too. Progress.

He's able to communicate some through blinks, but we have to ask the right questions. Larissa and Mary are better at getting the message than I am. I'm not sure why I don't get it.

I made a "treatment table" that we've been using to help get his balance again and for working him out. He's been sitting up in his bed working on "trunk control," but the therapists said it would be better to have a firmer surface and suggested a table like the one I made. It was my 4th of July project.


Keep working hard, Ian. We're praying for you.


linda anne said...

amen! we are praying.

praise god for progress!!! steps in the right direction. be encouraged!

linda k. crossway chruch of lanc.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic job you did on the treatment table Steve!! It looks great. I am sure Ian will get lots of use out of it. He is truly blessed to have such a skillful Dad and you made it so quickly too. Great job! Heather

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging post, Steve! GO IAN! Keep at it! Every little bit of progress is like another star becoming visable in the evening sky.
Pears, huh? I have a brother that is four years younger than me. I remember when he ate baby food that I would LOVE to eat the baby-food-PRUNES! ICK! Wouldn't touch that stuff now! Pears sound SO much better! I remember some kind of banana-combination-baby-food that I loved when Jesse was eating baby food. (Oh, now, don't tell anyone that!)
I'm impressed with your July 4th table project! Way to go! As Joe doesn't "do" computers, I'll be sure to tell him; he'll be impressed, too.

Still praying for complete healing for Ian and for ALL of you! Mary was especially on my heart today as I was stuck in traffic (don't understand that connection) so I prayed for her then.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Ian remains in my prayers ...
God bless you and give you strength


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send a word of encouragement as you continue down this long road. People all over the world are praying for Ian's healing--and for strength, comfort, and wisdom for each one of you who love and care for him. Thank you for your faithfulness both in parenting, and in your relationship with our Lord and Savior. What a testimony!

Anonymous said...

Ian, I am glad you are doing a lot better. I hope God takes care of you the rest of the way through. I miss talking to you when I go to get Ned to leave church. I hope to come and visit you some time soon. Me and my family and my teacher at school are praying for you all the time.
Jeremiah Kimmel

Anonymous said...

Know that you are being prayed for Mary. I think of you often.