Jul 24, 2007

Eyeball Earrings

A friend was in today to work with Ian. She's known Ian for a long time, and when he was younger Ian noticed and commented on a pair of earrings she had. He called them eyeball earrings, because they had a large black circle in the middle of them and looked to him like eyeballs. On Sunday when she visited, in honor of Ian's comments on that pair of earrings, she wore them when she came to visit. She took a lot of time to remind Ian of the story of when he had dubbed them "eyeball earrings".

Today, while she was working with him, he reached up to touch a different pair of earrings she was wearing as if he had noticed that she wasn't wearing the eyeball earrings. She asked him if he remembered her wearing them only two days ago, and he gave a long blink confirming that he remembered. That may sound insignificant, but for Ian it's huge. He's aware and is remembering things. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for praying.



jenny said...

Thank you for sharing stories like this. I get so encouraged right along with you. Really I do. Perhaps its because my brother went through a similar situation. I know that Ian is making progress. I know the road seems long. Please don't get discouraged. Your redemptions draweth nigh.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ian! You are loved and prayed for by so many of us. Love, Eileen

beth said...

"The soul, that on Jesus, should lean for repose I will not, I will not, desert to its foes. That soul, though all hell should endeavour to shake, I'll never, no never, no never forsake." ~How Firm a Foundation

praying everyday...
missyou all

want to stop over soon
you know

can we have chicken salad for dinner soon?


Anonymous said...

...so...ummm...should we wear something funky to get Ian's attention the next time we visit?

His progress is measurable and that is GREAT! The spiritual progress of this whole journey is IMMEASURABLE!!!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

It is true, Ian is making progress. Be it ever so slow, and sometimes seeming not to be "progress" at all...yet, that is exactly what it is. I was surprised to see him the other day after so many months...he looked well and definitely did not want me to touch him! (Never did in our previous life, so why would I now?) Continuing to pray for him and you all as well. Gigi