May 14, 2007

Starting over

I remember when Ian was a very young boy how everything he did was new and exciting for us. I remember the video of him banging a tamborine against his leg and how cute that was. I remember some of the funny things he said. I also remember when he would "draw" scribbles, and we would praise his attempts.
It seems we're starting over, but this time it's bittersweet. Today, for example, when a friend put a pen in his hand (with some coaching) he used it to make marks on a page. He also gave one of our attendant care workers, Bill, a clear shaking of his head to indicate he didn't want drops of water put in his mouth. Ian also shook Bill's hand tonight. These are small things, but we take some comfort in hearing these reports.
We keep encouraging Ian to use his voice, so he can tell us when he's in pain or when he needs something. Please keep praying that he would use his voice.
Thank you for praying.



Audra Barrick said...

On my way home from work today, I was listening to my iPod at top volume and singing my head off. I was struck by a flash of a vision as the song "Soli Deo Gloria" came on. I just saw Ian standing up with his hands raised in praise singing along. I am praying that this vision would become a reality for Ian!

Jessica Fisher said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I am at a SG church in KC. I found out about your story through Carolyn McCulley's blog and have read almost daily. Thank you for the testimony of God's sustaining grace that you all are sharing. It is an encouragement to me to keep going when things are difficult. I am a mom of four boys and a little girl, so I feel a special kinship with you. I am praying that Ian will use his voice. God bless you all!

Holly from VA said...

I just happened to stumble across this page today as I saw the link on a friend of a friend's webpage. So I came here and read about what is happening with this family. As I clicked off this page the song below came on and it just encouraged me for you guys; so I had to leave a comment. I am believing with you all for a complete healing in Ian's life! From what I've read your family is amazingly strong in the Lord and I have been encouraged by you.

The enemy has been defeated
And death couldn't hold You down
We're gonna lift our voice in victory
We're gonna make Your praises loud

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
Shout unto God with a voice of praise
Shout unto God with a voice of triumph
We lift Your name up
We lift Your name up


Anonymous said...

I had the same thought, at your house several times, that this is like starting over with Ian. Those thoughts were hard for me to bear. What must it be like for you?

So I'm praying big, large, great, giant for Ian. I'm asking the Lord to increase my faith in prayer for great and greater things. I believe that He teaches us to pray like this, and that He's spoken this to us from the very beginning of this ordeal for you and him. Pray big, pray awesome, pray for the unbelievable. I remember you telling David, in the hospital when we thought he was going to die, that you guys were going to have to depend on the faith of others. It's still that way. You're doing the work God has given you to do so beautifully and gracefully and faithfully. We'll keep doing the work of prayer.


TimKurtz said...

I like what Audra wrote above (except the "top volume" part (smile)). Audra, I'm with you in this prayer!

Anonymous said...

You wrote "I remember when Ian was a very young boy how everything he did was new and exciting for us."
It may be even more exciting to see his accomplishments now. What he did as a little guy was "natural"; what he accomplishes now is "supernatural" see even more how God is involved in his life, healing Ian, answering our prayers and increasing our faith.
Today, I went back and read the "what happened" part of this blog, the part that describes the accident and all the injuries at that time. WOW! Even now, it's still hard to grasp how serious Ian's many injuries were. But, God was faithful then and now. And you and your family and Larissa just leave me speechless in how, as Kristi said, "You're doing the work God has given you to do so beautifully and gracefully and faithfully."
God bless you all!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

Ian can't use his "voice" right now. So his father voices his needs so we can pray for him. I will continue to pray, and nothing short of having Ian back will do for an answer. Thanks for asking us to continue praying...we need to be reminded not to be complacent in our requests of God...all his answers are miraculous. I pray that I would, as you do, see his mercy in the "small" miracles. Much love to all of you, gretchen
P.S. Thanks for your fine example through all your pain.