May 15, 2007

Ian continues to spend way more time awake now that he's home than he did in the hospital. He had a good session with speech today. Amanda and Heather, two women from our church who are very, very graciously working with Ian, held up two pieces of paper. One said "yes" and one said "no." At this point, they just asked Ian to point one of the pieces, and he did. They are working on him pointing to the word that he wants to use to answer a question, but the fact that he can just point at the paper is great. Tonight I asked him to hold a book for me while I grabbed something else and right away he put his hand out to hold the book.

I recently started a part-time job and if anything, it has made me appreciate even more the fact that Ian is home. It is such a blessing to see him first thing in the morning and have devotional time with him and then see him as soon as I get home. I've been reading through Genesis with Ian and while I already can't remember all of the stories that I've read throughout the chapters, God's faithfulness is displayed to me every day that I read. He was faithful to men like Abraham and Isaac, however many years ago that was. He gave them many promises about their offspring or about the land that would be theirs, and he fulfilled all of those promises, many in their lifetimes. God has promised that He will deliver us (Psalm 34:17) and that He will always be with us (Joshua 1:9). I'm praying that Ian sees deliverance from this in his lifetime.

Keep clinging to the cross, Ian. God will deliver you.



Anonymous said...

your faith encourages me! It's my prayer that you continue to feel God sustaining you. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you!!!! for Ian to use his voice and for complete healing! your faith is such an example to me!!!!
p.s. Lydia is
adorable in this pic