May 23, 2007

My friend and I just took a trip to Florida and all during my trip, I found myself thinking, worrying rather, "Will Ian ever see the beach again? Will he ever fly in a plane? Will he swim in the ocean again?" Those are some of the most fun things in the world to do, and it made me really sad to think that Ian may never be able to do them again. I know that God can still heal Ian completely, but I also know that that might not be His will. I had to fight during those moments to remind myself that even if Ian never sees the beach again, the beauty of the beach or the fun of playing in the ocean does not hold a flame to what Ian will experience in heaven when he sees Jesus face to face. And I must continue to believe that Ian is feeling God's presence right now in a way that we cannot understand, and that the experience of God's presence is far more satisfying than spending an afternoon playing in the ocean.

Ian didn't want to wake up when I first got home because he'd had a long day. He finally did though and was more active than I'd seen him in awhile. He was moving his head around a lot and made an expression with his eyes that I'd never seen before either. Later on when we were outside, he was using his voice for awhile when I was asking him how his week was. It wasn't groaning either- it was like he was trying really hard to talk to me.

In a few days it will be eight months since the accident. That is so long. That means that almost half of our relationship now has been spent in a hospital room or wheelchair. Please continue to pray with us that God would completely restore Ian.
"Think about His love. Think about His goodness. Think about His grace, that brought us through. For as high as the heavens above, so great is the measure of our father's love. Great is the measure of our father's love."



Anonymous said...

Good for you, girl. Glad that you took a moment for yourself to get renewed refreshed at the beach. Bet your boy was happy to see you! Praying that your next 8 months together with Ian will be a blessing beyond what you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Ian's complete restoration. So glad that you wisely took some time away ... I would imagine that it was hard and good at the same time. God strengthen you ... Janet S.

Anonymous said...

Larissa you do such an excellent job of viewing your life through the wonderful truth of God's word. I have yearned for that view of eternity from the time I first saw it in Mary and Steve when they were youngunz! You are truly blessed to be able to see this now...what more God will do through you and for you!
(Though I know that at times this view is through your tears). Love you, Gretchen

Anonymous said...

I look upon your posts now almost as a 'morning devotional' to get my day started and to surge ahead in my miniscule trials. How awesome it is to see His strenth come from within you all. Thanks for keeping this going after Ian came home...still praying fervently for Ian to speak.