May 9, 2007

Dear Ian

I wish that I could talk to you to help you process biblically what you're experiencing. We could talk together and take comfort together from God's Word. You could remind me again of God's sovereign hand as I'm sure you would. I wish as your father I could have done something to prevent this; I wish I could have spared you from this. But, I know that there is One who rules over both of us, and I'm sure you would remind of that fact. He knows every detail of our lives. He knows everything we do and everywhere we go. Nothing is outside the view of His watchful eye. Nothing escapes His notice. Nothing is outside His control - not even a car.

I wish that I could remind you - and know that you hear me - that "in this world you will have tribulation. But take heart; [He] has overcome the world." This was no surprise to God. He knew that we would have this tribulation. He knew long ago what would happen on that road while you drove. Most importantly, though, He took care of you in the most important way before the wreck ever happened by overcoming sin and death and crediting Christ's righteousness to you and securing a future for you in heaven.

I wish I could listen to you wrestling through your questions to embrace these truths (if you are aware of what's happening to you). I know that you would, because I've listened to you before as the Spirit helped you wrestle through to the truth. I watched with awe as the Spirit changed your heart over the years. You grew to have a passion for Him that was amazing to see.

I wish that I could help you spiritually now, but I know that you're safe in the Master's hands. He is taking care of you, and I'm at peace with that knowledge.

Come back soon. We're praying that you would.



Anonymous said...

I was praying the same today, "Lord, please bring Ian back, sooner than later." What a beautiful letter to your son. It seems like, just like the Psalmists, you ask the questions and you tell what the suffering is really like. You don't hide your pain. But then, at the end, you always answer your own questions, your own longings with His truth. And at the end of each one, there is praise for the Maker, the One in charge of this hard life. And you give us hope. Most importantly, you direct our eyes from you and Ian and all the difficulty, back to where they belong; back to our Savior, who has every answer to our every hardship.

Thank you Steve, for faithfully posting. I can't begin to imagine the difference He is making in the lives of, who can conceive of how many people, through your faithful, honest and God glorifying words. He is certainly making you fruitful in your sufferings.

I live around the corner from you, and I, daily, look to see what I will find here; what treasure God has for me here. Thank you.


Denny said...

Although I do not know you Steve but I share this tribulation deeply with you as a father. To be able to right all wrongs, to fix what is broken, to amend with wisdom and understanding and even to be able to change what may have happened to our child is the epitome of a fathers love. It is then beyond imagination and reason what our Father in heaven would want and could do for his children since his love is so very perfect.

I am praying with you and your family and can understand what you are going through, but must say you are doing it marvelously in spirit.

God will bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your faithfulness, your courage, and sharing your thoughts, prayers, encouragement, and perspective on the blog. Ian and all of you continue to be in my prayers. I can only imagine how difficult it is to endure in steadfast devotion. God is indeed accomplishing an eternal glory that far outweighs all these troubles. Persevere in Christ. -with heartfelt support, Darci in FL