Apr 1, 2007

I don't belong here

When Mary and I were with Ian today, he slept (or kept his eyes closed) for most of the time. But, it was interesting to watch him once reach for his eye, stick his finger under his sunglasses, rub his eye, remove his finger from behind the sunglasses, and then push the sunglasses further up on his nose. The brain is a mysterious thing; he sure seems like he's in there.
This experience with Ian has reminded me again of how fleeting life is. I don't belong here on this earth and neither does Ian. Christ died for our sins. He made us new creatures. He promised homes for us in heaven. He made us for heaven. Like the moon doesn't seem to belong in the sky when it's still light out, I don't belong here. Things that I desire and pursue will one day not be there to pursue, because I'll shed this life and all it's pursuits like a worn-out pair of jeans. I once made a comment to a friend about how pointless it seemed to spend so much time fixing our houses: "it's all going to burn anyway." He wisely pointed out that we have to have somewhere to live while we're here. True, but I want to hold things loosely. After all, I don't belong here.


Linda said...

Dear Murphys and Larissa,

I became acquainted with y'all from Carolyn McCulley's blog. Since I've been reading your journey, I have joined the ranks of those who are continually praying with and for you.

Thank you for your candid comments, for sharing of yourselves in this most trying of times. To resonate what so many others have said, when I read your posts, my heart is touched and I'm encouraged in more ways than one.

Steve, your post tonight was truly beautiful, and your word pictures very vivid. Larissa, I enjoy reading how God ministers to you as well, and the things He inspires you to write.

May the grace, mercy, strength and love of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to surround each of you as He carries you along the way. He is faithful; keep standing strong in Him.

Phyllis said...

You inspire us to PRAY MORE !
Thank you for sharing..
Peace be to you and your lovely family .

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that reminder, as well, Steve. I'm far too comfortable here, and there is, absolutely, nothing like suffering to remind us that we don't belong here. I want to be hungry for Heaven, where our beautiful Savior lives; to long for that first and everlasting look at His face as He really is. I wonder if there are many days, where you feel like, "Lord, get me out of here." I'm praying for Ian.

Anonymous said...

Truly this is not our home and this is not the new earth yet...and so in it we can see around us the things that are not just, healthy, alive, whole, and perfect...the way originally intended in the Garden of Eden. It points us to our Saviour and it makes us long for our home...and to see Jesus come in His glory to right what is wrong and fix what is broken...and catch the last tear to fall.
This is a wise post...Ecclesiastes is full of this. And, in the end,when we strip this life down to what it really is and see how fragile and temporary the things of this of this earth really are , how the things around us break and wear (and need repainted), all we have left is the fear of the Lord and the enjoyment of His grace to pull us through one more day when it may be hard to lift our heads.
Thank you for your post.
Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.
Love in Christ,

mike hartnett said...

praying hard for you guys. God, hear our prayers. please wake Ian up.

Anonymous said...

Ian's heroes (and mine),
I remember a time (about 200 years ago) visiting you at your house on Grandview Avenue (it greatly resembled the picture on the blog today). Anyway, I was despondent about something at the time, and said to you (Mary & Steve) that I couldn't wait to go to heaven. My viewpoint at that time was influenced only by my desire to escape my feelings. But you both responded that you were longing for that day too, and it was evident that it sprung from a love for Jesus! Do you see what I see now...your love has grown by leaps and bounds, and your "hold" on this life is very light. We here in chocolate world (were the air always smells like baking brownies) are praying for many returns: Ian's health, to see you face to face, to worship with you again. Thinking of you always, gla