Mar 17, 2007

Perfect Timing

I remember as kids, maybe eight or nine, Ian and I were playing in his backyard. I turned to him and said, "Hey Ian, you know what I used to hate?"

"What's that?" he said.

"I used to hate it when we'd be playing outside and you'd say, 'I got and idea.' And I'd say 'What's that?' And you'd say 'I'm gonna go inside.' Boy, I really used to hate that!"

Ian looked at me for a moment and then said, not missing a beat, "I got an idea!"

"What's that?" I replied excitedly (maybe I was dumb, I don't know...).

"I'm gonna go inside," Ian said. And he did. And I burst into tears.

Ian's always had an amazing sense of comedic timing (I know, some of you are saying what's comedic about the story I've just relayed...looking back I think it's hilarious). And I can say with confidence that Ian's still got it.

Last Saturday, my brother Stephen and I were visiting Ian. We were singing some worship songs to him, "In Christ Alone", "Oh Faithful God", and others. After three or four songs Stephen asked Ian, "Are there any songs you want us to sing to you? Any favorite worship songs that you've been itching to hear?" Ian looked at Stephen for a long moment and then, in classic Ian style, he released a perfectly timed belch.

Ian is still making me laugh. I am so grateful to God for Ian and his humor.