Mar 17, 2007

ICU Psychosis

We heard a report of a man who was in the ICU for three weeks and experienced what has been termed ICU Psychosis. He appeared completely disoriented and out of it. Ian has been in an ICU environment for nearly six months. I can't imagine how disoriented he must feel.

That's why we want to bring him home. We want him back to familiar surroundings. We want Lydia, his three-year-old sister, to be able to climb all over him and talk to him. We want him to hear her talking to him, talking to herself, and singing to herself the cute nonsense songs we hear all the time. We want him to be with people he knows and loves all the time. We want him at some point to be at our church - the church he loves so much - on a Sunday morning. It's going to be very difficult to take care of him, I think...but it will be the best thing for him at this point. We're extremely grateful to the people at the Children's Institute, but I think they're absolutely right to want to get him into familiar surroundings by sending him home.

What you're seeing in this picture is the bathroom that's taking shape in Ian's room in the addition. Thanks Dave and Bob! It's looking great!

Pray for us as we face another difficult chapter in the story of Ian's recovery. Pray for good weather over the next few weeks; the paving company needs it to even consider installing a driveway to the addition. We need a driveway to even consider getting him into the addition - even the first day home - and his arrival home is very soon. The goal of the staff at the Children's Institute is to send him home in two to four weeks.

Most of all, pray for Ian.



Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, I am so thankful for the cross where we can leave these burdens, our needs, our prayers ... I just wanted to communicate with you that we are continuing to carry Ian and your family to the Lord day by day. I have great faith in our God who will indeed answer and supply your every need, and minister to and heal Ian. May God bless you .. may His blessings overtake you and your family. May you experience the overflowing, overwhelming joy and peace of the Lord. May you experience His Presence. Love in Christ, Janet s

Anonymous said...

Always Praying For Ian ~

Anonymous said...

Our doctor mentioned home today...of course, not for 4 weeks or so. She just meant she probably won's see Livi before her next rotation. We don't even think in those terms, currently we do one day at a time. But homecoming...what a bittersweet word for you. Longing to have him home/scared at the prospect of handling all the care; not having to make the trip to Pittsburgh/overwhelmed at the prospect of getting Ian out and to appointments...the list goes on. As you have learned and shared with us so earnestly over these six months (could it be?) our God will be there. Continuing to pray each and every day, GLA
P.S. Missing all the smiling Murphy/Whitley faces. Much love from the Chocolate Capital of the World.