Mar 28, 2007


I visited Ian today, and he slept the entire time I was with him. That's not unusual for Ian when I'm there, though, and I know that he needs it to heal.
I've been thinking about complaining lately. What got me started was overhearing a few people complaining about something that seemed really trivial...well, trivial compared to the struggle that Ian is going through right now. There is often a sinful momentary angry uprising in my heart lately when I hear complaining. I'm angry, because I think they have no right to complain. "If anyone has a right to complain," I think, "it's us or Larissa or Ian." It's only momentary, because when I hear the complainer it seems my own complaining heart is echoing. Then I remind myself that Jesus would be the only one who would have a right to complain (if there is such a right, of course). What I experience of difficulty is nothing compared to what He experienced for me and nothing compared to what I should have experienced. The breadth and depth of His grace is amazing; how patient he is with me.
Pray for Ian.


Anonymous said...

I will--continue to ---PRAY---------For Ian !

Anonymous said...

It is posts like today's that makes me remember how much I miss your preaching.
Can you be a "guest speaker" sometime?

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

P.S. The room looks good!

Anonymous said...

For Steve: Oh, do I understand! We overhear residents complaining about something they have to do...and my heart wants to scream..."try leukemia". Just today I had to struggle with wanting to express my "side", God was merciful in allowing me to pray and not respond. As you said, Jesus responded on the cross, "Father forgive them" when he could have struck them down with a look. This situation has expressed the incredible selfishness in my heart. I treasure your honesty, as you always point us to our Savior.