Mar 27, 2007

Bananas and Toothbrushes

What a great day Ian had today. Because I'm tired and my thoughts aren't coming out in full sentences, I'll just make a list of all the cool things Ian did yesterday and today.

-We heard he had a great day yesterday in OT and PT. He was active with his legs and was working on using a toothbrush. The therapist helped him with it once and then asked him to do it on his own. But instead of doing it, he threw the toothbrush down. Hey, at least he's letting us know how he feels about things.

-He "slept" through OT and PT today, but I knew he wasn't actually sleeping because his eyelids were wrinkled like he was holding them shut. As soon as they put him in his chair at the end of his session, his eyes popped open and he just had this expression of being completely amused with himself for pretending to sleep through the entire session.

-Speech therapy today was very encouraging and exciting. Both Val, his therapist, and I were in tears. He started out with a toothbrush. Val held up a mirror and showed him how to brush his teeth. Then she asked him to do it. And he did. Once he put the toothbrush in his mouth and actually brushed his front teeth. One time he brought the brush up and moved his head back and forth instead of the brush. It was like he knew exactly where to go with the brush. Then he was given his electric razor. And after watching Val do it, he shaved part of his face. Then he was given a banana, and as Val held it, he peeled it, just like she asked him to. It took effort, and it wasn't as smooth as when he did it in Drowning Melville, for any of you that remember that scene, but he did it. And it was amazing.

Ian and I got to spend a lot of time outside today. We went for a walk in the sun, and then watched a thunderstorm approach. It was so neat to hear the thunder, and then see the lightning in the distance, and watch the rain come toward us. I don't remember if Ian likes thunderstorms or not, but it's a familiar sound to all of us and I'm glad that he got to hear it.

Today Ian began a new medicine. His doctor heard about it at a conference and right away wanted it for Ian. It's usually given to patients with Parkinson's disease but has been found to give a little boost to patients like Ian who are plateaued around stage 3 on the coma scale. Our hope is not in this medicine. Our hope is in God. But God has the power to, if He chooses, use this medicine to progress Ian's healing. Please pray that Ian would respond to this medicine in a positive way. Pray that we would see dramatic improvements. Pray that he would talk to us soon.

As a side note, Jubilee Christian School, thank you for all of the wonderful cards, notes and CD's that you have been sending to Ian, beginning way back in the ICU. We would love for you to make some Easter cards and other things that we can put in Ian's room. It'd be great for Ian to have some new things to look at!

Ian is definitely still with us, and for that I am so thankful. But I want to keep praying that he soon speaks our names.


Anonymous said...

The Lord woke me early this morning to pray for Ian and Livi. I hadn't read this latest entry yet but the Lord led me to pray for exactly as you requested and I prayed and continue to pray that you will continue to see increased progress in Ian daily. Standing with you in prayer and faith, Vicki G.

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Anonymous said...

Proverbs 15:
13 A happy heart makes the face cheerful
30 A cheerful look brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones.

Great post!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news. Continue to be tochued by the beautiful messages that you post and continue to pray for Ian's recovery. Pray that God's greatness touches on Ian so he (Ian) may say your name and also the name of everyone in his beautiful family.


lis said...

Good news!

Just wanted you to know that somebody in Israel is praying for Ian and for you! I was directed here by Carolyn McCulley's blog, and keep returning to see how Ian is doing. I am so refreshed by your faith!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Larissa...yu may think your sentences didn't make sense...but it was more and more exciting to hear what Ian is doing. Your faith in God and his plan is just as exciting. I don't ever come away from reading the blog without blessing God for what you relate he is doing. It is so encouraging even in our situation...the day to day routine can be grueling. Bless and thank you,Larissa!