Feb 11, 2007

A Window into Ian's Faith

Ian was awake today for most of the afternoon. He fell asleep around 5pm, and I never roused him again before I left about an hour later. To see him in that state is draining emotionally. While I have confidence in the kindness, goodness and wisdom of God to do the best thing in his circumstances, I know we're built by God to love and to grieve when the ones we love are taken from us whether by death or departure or, in this case, by a coma. I've discovered first hand that sorrow and grief are draining. But, God lifts me up as the Psalmist says in so many places. "He restores my soul."

I've had a growing sense of satisfaction, lately, about the strength of Ian's faith; it's been consoling. I obviously haven't been able to observe it in Ian, since he can't talk to me. But, as I've had the opportunity to get to know Larissa Whiteley (who has been living with us since the wreck), as I've watched her respond to this very difficult circumstance with faith and as I've read her very meaningful and theologically sound posts on this blog, I'm aware from things she's said to me that Ian had a lot to do with her responses today. Ian had a significant influence on her growth in faith by challenging her attitudes and decisions, teaching her truth, and encouraging her as she pursued God. I know Ian trusts Christ to save him, and I know that he was growing in his faith prior to his wreck. But, observing her faith up close and personal provides me a unique perspective on Ian's faith, a window into his faith that I might not have had. I would have preferred not to peer into that window this way, but it means a lot to me to have the opportunity. Thank you, Larissa. God is good.

We want Ian back. Pray for Ian.



Constergrl said...

I am continually praying for Ian, for his healing, for him to wake and be Ian, as you know him. Your blogs help me see God and move me towards faith when I find myself struggling over lifes circumstances. Lord, thank you for the Murphy's, Larissa, and their trust and hope in You.

britt said...

I want to let you all know that my family and I are praying for Ian and for your family frequently. I have been consistently encouraged by the faith you all have shown in your posts. Thank you SO much for bringing honor to our glorious Savior through your surrendering all of your (and Ian's) wants, desires, and needs to God's sovereign and gracious plan! He is faithful! - Brittany K.

Anonymous said...

I have learned so much from this blog. My only fear is that God is holding Ian in this state so the rest of us slowpokes can grow in faith as much as he and all of you are. Please know we all pray constantly for Ian's healing. I keep telling God I promise to try to grow in faith at the same pace without Ian remaining asleep. I am only an imperfect and impatient human. I also pray for your continuing strength as you help Ian maintain his own sense of self and how much love you have for him. In Christ, this is possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve,
My heart goes out to you, your family and Larissa.
How evident God's Spirit is in your lives!
As I've told you, I've got my computer on at work all day so I can jump to this website through out the day. Sometimes, that might not be a good thing, because reading it usually brings tears to my eyes...not something I want to have while at work!
But God is doing such a work in you, too, Steve.
I told you before that what you are going through is my "I can't imagine" scenario. I'm sure, being the good dad that you are, you would trade places with Ian in a heartbeat.
Can you imagine what our Heavenly Father felt seeing His Son in such agony that He sweat drops of blood? And yet the Father wouldn't let that cup pass because it was part of his great plan. He knew it was needed for US, for OUR salvation!
Oh Steve! I pray that Ian would be healed completely...and immediately if it is God's will. In the meantime, I see you and every one close to Ian truly walking out their faith in our God, who is worthy of our faith, our love and our devotion.
He sees! He knows! He cares!
Thank you so much for your example to us! You are fighting the good fight of faith!

Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

mike hartnett said...

praying hard for you all, God is good.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Mary, Ben, Caleb, Devon, Larissa and Lydia...thank you walking us through this incredibly difficult time. Your feelings resonate so within my heart; yet you don't stop there, instead you end with the truth. Lord, thank you for your truth...our only hope. G