Feb 10, 2007

How Could I Stand

Ian's grandparents visited him last night, and they said at one point they were sure that Ian was going to say something. Even his nurse seemed to be expecting him to say something. I guess he was groaning and moving his mouth in a way that was just so clear that he was trying to talk. We know that it must be very hard for him to even try, because his mouth is still really sore. It was looking better earlier this week but seems to have become really sore again, particularly his tongue.

Please pray that God would heal Ian's mouth. It is clearly uncomfortable for him. And like the rest of us, if one part of your body is hurting, the rest seems debilitated too. Ian's mouth needs to be feeling better before he can fully participate in therapy.

if it wasn't for your mercy
if it wasn't for your love
if it wasn't for your kindness
how could i stand?
if it wasn't for your cleansing
if it wasn't for your blood
if it wasn't for your goodness
how could i stand?
-Matt Redman

We are nothing apart from Christ.


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