Feb 23, 2007

The Sweet Anticipation of Heaven

The progress on the addition to our house is stalled, because the inspector, who was supposed to inspect this part of the building project, lost his mother on Thursday. We can't proceed without his approval, so the work that was supposed to happen today and tomorrow was cancelled.

His loss stings me a bit. I don't know him. I didn't know his mother. It still stings, though.

I found myself complaining today about having to pursue guardianship for Ian's affairs. I never wanted to be Ian's legal guardian. I wanted him to be on his own now serving God, to be pursuing a career, to be married, and to be looking toward children of his own some day. I didn't recognize my complaint at first. Who could blame me for complaining, right?

I had to remind myself, though, of how merciful God has been to me and to my family. We've been shown so much mercy. Instead of a certain future in hell, he gave me a sweet anticipation of heaven. On top of that, he provides me earthly blessings as companions for the journey reminding me regularly of what's to come and increasing my anticipation. In view of all that, how can I complain about any difficulty?

That inspector's loss stings, because it highlights the fact that I'd lost sight of mercy. And, as Larissa reminded me, we could have lost Ian as that man lost his mother. I can't imagine what he's going through, but I have a glimpse. Sir, I prayed for you tonight.

Pray for Ian....



Anonymous said...

Keep steering our thoughts heavenward, Steve.

Anna said...

Hi Ian and Larissa
we were so glad we got to meet you at the children's institute. we are the ones that talked to you in the hall that day.. we want you to know you are in our thought and prayers.
My daughter has come home and your day too will be coming soon that you will head home to your family and friends.
Larissa,you stay strong knowing you've got yourself a true miracle in your hands..
may angels continue to watch over you both.
God Speed.
the donato family, hawthorn pa