Jan 17, 2007

Hasn't He Been Good

When Ian was getting his feeding today, he started to cough as though something was wrong. His nurse asked him if he was ok and he groaned "uh huh." They asked him again if he was ok and he repeated his response. Wow.

Ian was also working really hard in therapy today to bring a washcloth to his face. It was the best that I've seen him respond to their asking him to do that, and he repeated it several times. It's obvious that it's not easy for him to do it, but he still works hard to do it.

Ian was very alert with me the whole afternoon and into the night. The past few days he has been very awake, and again, I can tell when he's looking at me and that he knows what's going on.

Ian's most pressing need of prayer right now is for his mouth. Because he never closes his mouth, the inside of it has become very, very sore. Tonight I could tell that it was causing him a lot of pain. And because it is so sore, his speech therapist is not able to do everything that she normally would. We have seen time and time again that God answers our specific prayers for Ian, so please pray that God would heal his mouth. Pray that he would start closing his mouth and breathing more through his nose.

"If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!" Matt. 7:11


[It was only three days ago - check the blog entry - that I asked for prayer that Ian would be awake for therapy, and look at him now. Please pray that Ian would be able to close his mouth and breathe through his nose. Pray that the Lord will heal the soreness in his mouth. Thanks............Steve]


Anonymous said...

We continue to pray and are so thankful for your blog that keeps us updated to know how to pray, and also for the way that you point us to Jesus over and over again. We thank God for you (Larissa, and all of the Murphys and other bloggers, and for Ian!) and for the way that He has used all of you to challenge us. We lift Ian up often.

Gina Plain (Crossway Church)

mike hartnett said...

praying hard! thanks for the update

TimKurtz said...

Giving thanks for the progress and asking now that Ian's mouth would heal, Tim