Jan 26, 2007

Coming Home

We met with Ian's therapy team today at The Children's Institute, and despite his condition (still "a solid 3" out of a possible 8 on the coma scale) they set a goal for discharge of 8-10 weeks from today (1-26-7) assuming no unexpected setbacks in that time. Since all of his medical issues are slowly being addressed, they believe that the familiar surroundings of home and family would be a better context than isolation in an infectious disease room at the hospital. Their concern is that he could have a kind of "ICU psychosis," an inexact term they used to describe a tendency they've noticed in patients like Ian isolated in an infectious disease room away from roommates and other stimuli that would be common in everyday life. They believe he might make more progress neurologically (i.e. waking up) at home.

Ian can't go into his old room upstairs because of his injuries. To accomodate him, we believe at this point that the best choice would be to build an addition onto the back of our house with a design some have called a mother-in-law suite (a big bedroom and a big bathroom with an exterior entrance). We would then fill the room with all the familiar furnishings from his old room.

Pray for Ian.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mary and Steve, thank you for sharing your love of Christ with all of us. Remember you do not have to fight this battle it is clear in Chronicles 20: 17 just stand and see the deliverance of our King! He will go before you all and will be your rear guard. I love you, Eileen

Anonymous said...

Always praying, never ceasing. God bless you all and everyone.... keep praying for Ian!! Love and prayers, A praying partner

Anonymous said...

How encouraging it is to see Ian's progress! Thank you Lord for the team of doctors who are caring for Ian. May you speak to their hearts as they see the love of Christ surround Ian and his family.

To the Murphy's and Larissa, thank you for faithfully updating us about Ian so we can pray for him regularly and so we can watch God answer together with you.

Father, thank you for Ian and may you continually to heal him in your glorious ways. We trust you and love you. Another praying partner

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