Dec 13, 2006

They removed the trach

The medical staff removed Ian's trach today. It's now covered like any wound, and they'll wait for it to heal. He's doing well with it out.

"I [Spurgeon] can bear willing testimony to His faithfulness. Not one good thing has failed of all that the Lord has promised! Every example of God's love should make us believe Him more. As we see the fulfillment of each promise, it compels us to say, 'God has kept His promises and will keep them to the end.'

The worst is that we forget. Then we will have no more faith than when we started, for we will have forgotten God's repeated answers. Though He has fulfilled the promises, we have buried them in forgetfulness."

We can "bear willing testimony to His faithfulness," too. God has done so many good things in our lives, way more good things than we deserve. We don't want to forget his kindness and faithfulness, and we want to trust God to treat Ian in the same way.

Steve & Mary

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Ian very well, only having worked with him for a brief time at WIUP TV. I happened to click on a link in a mutual friend's profile shortly after the accident happened and was extremely saddened by the news.

However, as I continue to read about Ian's progress and all the people who care, hope and pray for him on a daily basis, I begin to realize more about the miracles of life...actually, life in general.

I "gave up" on praying a long time ago, that is, until I began reading this blog. I now realize the power of prayer, hope and faith and how lucky we all our that HE chose us to be here.

So, thank you to Ian, his family and his friends for helping me realize what's important in life.