Dec 14, 2006

Nourishment and hydration

We met today with the team of therapists treating Ian, and we got some surprising news. They've recently decided that for several weeks he has been undernourished and dehydrated. They just concluded today, though, that they had found the optimum amount of water to give him. They are working hard now to increase is calories and nutritients without moving too quickly. He should be taking in enough calories not only to sustain his body but to allow it to work hard at recovery and rehabilitation. The process of healing burns extra calories and requires more nutrients than normal and so does the rigorous process of rehabilitation. To this point, he has not even had an adequate amount of either to sustain himself properly, and that has had some consequences. The one consequence we've noticed is his dramatic loss of weight; we think he's lost about 30lbs.

We don't believe this is anyone's fault, but rather the priorities and the focus of attention have shifted from more critical life-threatening issues to issues that would affect his opportunity for recovery and rehabilitation. That shift in focus has led the doctors to ask different questions. Before, the medical people were asking questions like, "how do we help him overcome these potentially life-threatening injuries and conditions?" Now, they're asking questions like, "what can we do to give him the best possible chance of recovering quickly?" That's when issues like his fluid levels, his caloric intake, and his nutrition emerged.

We're grateful to God that the questions have changed.

Thank you for praying....



Anonymous said...

God is so faithful!!! God bless the doctors and nurses!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know that our family is praying for your family and for Ian.

Love in Christ,
The Lewins,
Broomfield, CO

Nicole said...

What a glorious God we serve! To go from questioning "how can we keep him alive?" to "how can we help him recover?" shows the hand of the Lord at work. Praying for you!!