Dec 5, 2006

Pray for his eye

Here's another very specific prayer request:

Ian's right eye has never really closed completely since the accident. It was the right side of his head that was injured, and we've noticed that the right side of his face and his right arm don't move as much as the left side. His right eye hasn't worked properly either. It wanders, is red, doesn't dilate like the other eye and doesn't focus like his left eye. It also doesn't close all the way, and that's more serious than the other issues.

The ophthalmologist saw him today and said that the effect of him not blinking completely or closing it completely is that the cornea is inflamed. If that condition continues, it could lead to worse things. They've been treating it with a goopy stuff that lubricates his eye, but the doctor wants to take a more aggressive approach to treatment. He wants the lubrication to be more frequent, and he's going to order the strongest antibiotic to combat any infection that might be in his eye. If his condition doesn't improve, he said he'll need to sew it closed or mostly closed until his condition does improve just to protect the eye from further damage.

Please pray that Ian's ability to close his eye would improve. Pray that he would be able to blink and close his eyes on every blink. Blinking and closing our eyes are protective measures for the eyeball. His inability to blink and close his eyes has led to the inflamation.

Pray, too, that his control over his eye would improve. He is able to look at us with both eyes focused, but if we move to his left his right eye won't follow.

Thank you for your prayers....


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