Dec 10, 2006

No diabetes insipidus anymore

When I visited Ian today I learned that the he no longer has the condition everyone was so concerned about a couple weeks ago called diabetes insipidus.

I guess this condition is typical of someone who has experienced the kind of injury Ian sustained, so he was put on the medication that controls what the brain would normally control and as a matter of course was kept on the medication. Then, he moved so much, the medical staff who thought to ask whether he actually still had the condition any more never had the opportunity to really test a theory like that. At Children's they wondered again whether he had diabetes insipidus, and they began to test their theory Thursday night by removing him from the medication that helps him with that condition. We knew they were starting to test this theory but didn't report it here, because it was only a theory. Well, he's been off the medication since Thursday night, and his brain is successfully controlling that function.

The significance of this development is that, first of all, there is one less medication that he requires. More importantly, though, it's another sign that his brain is recovering.

Praise God for small steps! Did God intervene supernaturally? That question will go on my list of questions to ask when I see Him face to face.

Please continue to pray for these infections in his eye and the sore on his back. The sore on his back could take months to heal according to the medical staff.



MikeQ said...

Thank you God!
If it was supernatural or natural, in either case praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

The doctor's say it could take months to heal the sore on Ian's back. Lord, you could heal it in seconds. We pray that you continue to show your glory and heal Ian. You are the Healer, the Great Physician. Please continue to heal Ian's eye. You have answered so many prayers already Lord, but you tell us to come and ask boldly. So we boldly come and ask you to wake Ian, and him completely. Thank you Lord. Vicki G.

John Q said...

Slow (in our terms), but steady improvement: from the edge of death until today, God continues to heal Ian! What a lesson of prayer and faith we are all learning! Let us boldly and humbly continue to make our requests known to God (Philipians 4:6&7).