Dec 26, 2006

Ian's trying really hard

You can just tell he's trying really hard. Ian's cousins, the Bergers, visited Ian tonight. This is one of the families we've vacationed with since Ian was one year old, so he knows them well. They noticed how hard he was trying to communicate. He followed them with his eyes and was moving a good bit as though he was trying to say something. I know how meaningful it will be to him that they all came to visit from such a distance, especially his cousin, Daniel, who is closest in age, who took off work and who took a long flight and a long car ride to get here.

More and more we're noticing small things that show progress. It's hard to watch, but he winces in pain to his eye drops. He flinches when he sees the nurse coming with the drops. He blinks in reaction to anything that might come close to his eyes. He pulls away when something is uncomfortable. He groaned yesterday when he wanted to get out of his chair and into his bed; as soon as they put him in his bed he fell right asleep.

It's as though he just can't put everything together and say what he wants to say. I'm looking forward to the day when he can.

The appointment with the surgeon is Wednesday morning (tomorrow). This is the surgeon who did the surgery on his knee originally. He'll be deciding whether Ian is at an appropriate place to do the rest of what needs to be done to his knee. The question is whether this is the best time to do more surgery to repair his knee. We're praying that it would happen soon, so that Ian can get on with getting better in that part of his body, too.

Thank you for praying...


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