Dec 27, 2006

Come With Big Expectations

Listen to the words of Charles Spurgeon:

"We do not come in prayer, as it were, only to God's poorhouse where He dispenses His favors to the poor, nor do we come to the back door of the house of mercy to receive the broken scraps, though that would be more than we deserve; to eat the crumbs that fall from the Master's table is more than we could claim. But, when we pray, we are standing in the palace on the glittering floor of the great King's own reception room, and thus we are placed upon vantage ground. In prayer we stand where angels bow with veiled faces. There, even there, the cherubim and seraphim adore before that selfsame throne to which our prayers ascend. And should we come there with stunted requests and narrow constricted faith? No, it does not become a King to be giving away pennies and nickels; He distributes pieces of gold."

Oh what a generous God we serve! Let us not come to Him with small, timid requests. These types of requests aren't fitting for the great, lavish, generous God we serve. Hasn't He already answered some huge prayers! Ian is alive. Ian is a graduate. Ian is recovering. Ian is in a wonderful treatment facility. God has already lavished His mercy upon Ian and I don't believe He intends to stop now. Let's come to God with big requests, full of faith that He wants to grant those requests. For His glory alone...

-Stephen A

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