Dec 2, 2006

He's In There

Ian was awake for me for about two hours tonight, and I could tell he was there with me the whole time. He was tracking pictures with his eyes when I held them in front of him and he was moving his left arm a lot, picking it up, and grabbing his gown. It was a really nice time just reading scripture to him and worshiping with him.

Weekends and evenings after 5:00 are really great times to visit Ian; especially if you haven't seen him lately, it would be really encouraging to go. The staff have asked us to limit it to 2 people at a time, or 3 at the most. Also, when you are with Ian just have one person talking at a time- it makes it easier for him. Please call the Murphy's if you want to visit because you need a special code to get in.

Thank you for all of your prayers. He's come a long way already.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great update! Praise God!!!!!