Dec 1, 2006

Everyone is hopeful

It’s hard to put into an email message the impressions we’ve had from the staff at the Children’s Institute. Hopeful or enthusiastic might be the best summary. People here are trained to see the signs that Ian is really there, and they work with what they see with enthusiasm. We’re amazed to see what they see and hear their expectancy for progress.

They really work him hard and work hard for him. They have him on a schedule where every morning he’s up and dressed and into something. He has three hours of therapy every day (speech, occupational and physical) with naps into between and a shower at night. The people in each respective field really seem to know what to look for, and each has very clear goals for him. What’s surprising, too, is that so many of them know something about the other disciplines including the nurses. With expectation and a surprising amount of knowledge, they can tell us what each different therapist looks for. The specialists are designing special splints for his hands and a special wheelchair just for his situation. It just seems like everyone is working so hard on him.

They have so many success stories here, too, that it’s hard not to get our hopes sky high. It’s amazing to us that he’s even in this facility and is receiving such good care. We thank God for his kindness in bringing him here. He definitely has a long way to go, though. Your prayers for Ian are very significant to us. Thank you.

Steve Murphy

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