Nov 4, 2006

Slowly Getting Back Together

The staff at Presby have been slowly putting Ian back together. They’ve done a superb job with Ian throughout this whole process (thank you!). They installed the shunt and put his bone flap back. Their theory in putting it back on is that the brain tends to recognize the absence of a portion of the skull and is reluctant to get fired up again after a trauma like that. They say that sometimes patients do better when they reinstall it. So, that’s done as of Friday in a 5 hour surgery.

Since the surgery, we’ve noticed that Ian’s eyes open all the way more often. I think he can hear us. I played a tape of us talking, and Ian’s heart rate went up 5 points when Mary’s voice came on. He still squeezes our hands.

I think their hope is to move him to the rehab place in Wilkinsburg (LifeCare) early next week. We’ll see….

Thank you for your prayers.

Steve Murphy


Anonymous said...

That is great news!!! God is soo good!! will continue to be a prayer warrior!!! Thank you for keeping us updated! Ian will pull through! It is a great testimony to others of how each of you are trusting God through this whole ordeal! Thank you for that encouragement!! ~Jen(friend of Sarah Hall)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that you are not only inspiring me to grow in the Lord but you are having an effect on those with whom I'm sharing with at work. Others at Elderton High School are getting a better glimpse of the Savior through your responses to what those in the world would see as an impossible situation doors of sharing the Gospel have been opened because of your most excellent example. Know that I'm continuing to pray for Ian as well as your family. God is SO good.

Dawn Lingenfelter

Angel said...

Hello. My name is Angel and I live in New Orleans, LA. I attend Lakeview Christian Center and someone from our church sent Ian's website out to our "Prayer Force". I don't personally know Ian, but I feel that I now know him through this website. I have been fervently praying for Ian and TRUSTING that he will "wake up" soon- in God's timing of course. This website is awesome and has encouraged me in so many ways. Each day I look forward to reading the posts to see how Ian is doing- ready to praise God for all that he is done in restoring Ian's body! Keep praying- He who began a good work in you- is faithful to complete it! Let's believe this for Ian today!!
By His Grace Alone-
Angel Lincoln