Nov 1, 2006

The Lord Knows the Next Step

Ian didn’t move for us at all yesterday except for a brief period in the morning. For the most part, he slept. Moving for the doctors was a key to getting him to another level of care that we think is appropriate, something called LTAC (Long Term Acute Care). However, despite Ian’s lack of responsiveness yesterday, the staff at the hospital agreed that the next level of care for Ian ought to be LTAC. I was hoping he would go to a facility in Monroeville, but there’s another in Wilkinsburg that’s more likely for insurance reasons. If we can get everything approved by the insurance company, he’ll be moving somewhere at some point in the next few days. Thank you for praying.

I asked the nurse if he would be in pain if he woke up today. From what I concluded, he would be uncomfortable if he woke up but not in pain today. His bones are healing. The skin graft is healing “perfectly” according to his doctor. He just needs to wake up. Please pray that he wakes up. Thanks….

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Anonymous said...

This is kinda long, but I hope it encourages you:

"I do not suggest that you will be able to understand everything that is happening. You may not have a full explanation of it; but you will know for certain that God is not unconcerned. That is impossible. The One who has done the greatest thing of all for you, must be concerned about you in everything, and though the clouds are thick and you cannot see His face, you know He is there. 'Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face.' Now hold on to that...these earthborn clouds prevent my seeing Him, but He is there and He will never allow anything finally harmful to take place. Nothing can happen to you but what He allows, I do not care what it may be, some great disappointment, perhaps, or it may be an illness, it may be a tragedy of some sort, I do not know what it is, but you can be certain of this, that God permits that thing to happen to you because it is ultimately for your good." (from Spiritual Depression, chapter X, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones)

We're continuing to pray for complete healing for Ian, and peace and strength you all.

Marge and family