Nov 1, 2006

Looking Beyond the Outcome to Christ

The book of Hebrews has been very meaningful to me lately. The author throughout directs our focus to Christ, the Giver, rather than on things we might seek from Him. In chapter 11, the author tells us that Abraham went out from his own country at God's command, "not knowing where he was going" but “looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God." He never even received what he was promised, but he believed God was faithful to fulfill His promises in whatever way He chose. Sarah, his wife, looked beyond her infertile body and beyond the promised son to the One whom she believed was faithful. Later, Abraham, when told by God to sacrifice their son, believed “God was able even to raise him from the dead.” The heroes of the faith in that chapter all looked beyond any outcome they hoped for to God who was infinitely capable and wise and perfectly faithful.

Ian is still in a coma. The focus of our faith is not on his healing but on the One who is perfectly wise and infinitely powerful and who loved us enough to sacrifice His Son. If Ian remains in a coma, we want to trust Him and to praise Him for the mystery only an infinite God could have. If Ian wakes up (we’re praying fervently that he does), we will praise him for His power to heal and His kindness in sparing him. If Ian takes a turn for the worse, he will go home to be with our Savior, and, though sad, we would want to rejoice with him.

We prayed that Ian would respond to commands yesterday when the medical staff visited him. He didn’t respond. But, we got the news today that he was approved anyway for the treatment we felt he should have. We thought it was critical for Ian to respond yesterday, but our all-wise God knew differently.

Today, we thought he was moving to his new treatment facility, but at the last minute they discovered fluid on his brain. He won’t relocate today, but instead he will have surgery on Friday to install a shunt in his head. My son, Caleb, highlighted the kindness of God in this new development when he noted that God showed the doctors this problem before Ian moved. It’s not what I would have chosen; I’m too impatient to get moving with his therapy. But, God knows what’s right and best.

God is also kind and lavish, so I’m going to continue to ask for a miracle. Regardless of what actually happens, though, I want to look beyond the outcome to the Lord of every outcome who is kind and compassionate and gracious and powerful and mysterious and lavish. I want to trust Him.

Steve Murphy


Kim said...

Everyday I go to this site and pray for good news. As hard as this is right now it is better that the drs found this while he is still there. I cant imagine what you are going through but I want you to know I am praying for Ian and your family and so are MANY other people.I know this helps and i have a feeling that God has a big purpose on this earth for Ian. He has already touched so many lives that havent even met him. Imagine what he will do once he is better!! God is awesome! I will pray very hard for you,Mary & your family as well!!
Stay strong!!
Love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Christina Lacher I've known Kimberly Daken for about 20 years. I just thought hearing about all this that I could maybe help by saying I've been through this kind of thing. A coma, brain damage, rehabillatation. 13 years ago when I was 16. And Ian needs all the prayers and hope he can get!! He has to want to get better and I think he does I don't know him but all the stuff I've read about him. He needs everybody to be his strength right now. And ALL the loved ones can do it. I have faith that he will make it through this it's a long haul but it will be worth it. He's got people in Alaska praying for him. Be strong and keep the faith!


Anonymous said...

I am praying for Ian and your family everyday.

Anonymous said...

My name is Nancy and I check in on Ian's progress a couple times a week and pray for nothing but the Father's best for His child.
Your unwavering faith is teaching me so much about my faith and is strengthening me as I read with tears streaming down my face.
When I first heard of this accident, the Lord told me that Ian would live despite the grim appearance of his condition. I rejoice every day of Ian's life that the Lord has allowed him to live and look forward to each step of progress that will be made, trusting that God knows what He's doing and isn't done with Ian yet.
Stay strong...there are great rewards for those that endure!

Ellen T said...

I am standing with you all.
I do pray for Ian often and definitely check this site every day!

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Melanie Rissler,

I look at this website several times a week to check on Ian's progress. I am praying that whatever happens in Ian's life, it will touch people's lives and that God is glorified. I see that has happened already. Praise the Lord!!

You all are an inspiration to me on how much you are trusting in the Lord and looking to Him for your strength.

Please know that I pray for the entire Murphy family a lot. In addition I am praying for the salvation of any unsaved relatives. What a blessing that would be to have those relatives come to know our Lord and Savior!!

Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Murphy family and friends,
This is Becky Malament. i just wanted to say thank you soo much for your unmovable faith in the saivior. you have all been such an example to me and pray for you all daily. the Lord is soo good and he has a plan for this trial that is so much greater than any of us could ever imagine. thank you for your faith. Romans 5:3-5 "More than that we rejoice in our suffereings, for we know that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shamebecasue God's love has been poured into our hearts through the holy spirit who has been given to us." Be encouraged and strengthened! the Lord is so pleased with you and he is your strength. ~Becky