Nov 7, 2006

Ian Moving to Wilkinsburg

I’m sitting in the lobby of a special rehab hospital called LifeCare in Wilkinsburg . We were notified today that Ian was moving today at 5:30pm, and I’m here waiting for his arrival. The staff here will be able to deal with Ian’s medical issues, provide stimulation to wake him up, and help him with some physical rehab.

It seems the staff here are very encouraging of friends and family participating in the whole process of rehab, and I told some of them that I was standing in front of an army of people from our church waiting to help Ian. I think they were excited to hear that. I know that many of you genuinely want to help Ian, and I think this next stage will be the place where you can really help. I’m not exactly sure how, yet, though. He’ll be settling in tonight (in a single room; other facilities we checked have only shared rooms), and the evaluations start tomorrow. After that, I’ll have more information about exactly what you can do.

For future reference, here’s the address of the hospital:

Lifecare Hospitals-Pittsburgh
225 Penn Ave
Wilkinsburg , PA 15221

I know many of you have visited Ian at Presby, and you probably spent a bundle on parking. Parking here is free. If you’re able and willing to help, please plan to make the trip to Wilkinsburg sometime over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on when you can start coming, and I may be trying to work out a schedule so we’re not all down here at once.

The most important thing you can do for Ian is keep praying. Thank you…

Steve Murphy

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