Oct 25, 2006

Wonders in store

Classic Charles Spurgeon:

"God will answer His pleading people in their anguish. He has wonders in store for them. What they have never seen, heard of, or dreamed of, He will do for them. He will invent new blessings if needful. He will ransack sea and land to feed them: He will send every angel out of heaven to succor them, if their distress requires it. He will astound us with His grace and make us feel that it was never before done in this fashion. All He asks of us is that we will call upon Him. He cannot ask less of us. Let us cheerfully render Him our prayers at once." Faith's Checkbook

This is God's posture toward us in our "anguish" and "distress" over Ian's circumstances. He is able to comfort us, give us faith in God's kindness and love no matter what the circumstances, and even to return Ian back to us exactly as he was. He "will send every angel out of heaven" and "astound us with His grace." He has wonders in store for us. Thank you for call on Him on behalf of the Murphy family.

Steve Murphy

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