Oct 25, 2006

October 24th,Tuesday Night

We went to see Ian last night; Mary, Gretchen Allen, Larissa and me. We had heard from a friend that lived through a similar experience to work hard to wake Ian up. So we did. All evening Mary, in her sweet, gentle voice saying, "Hey sweetie. It's Mommy. You've been in an accident. That's why you can't move very well...." and "Hi honey. It's me, Mommy. You're in the hospital. Everything is going to be ok...." It was so awesome to witness this beautiful soul, "...with a gentle and quiet spirit which is precious to God." tending to her son with the voice that fills his oldest memories; the voice that is the most familiar to him in the world; the voice that sang to him as a baby and sings to him now.

Later in the evening, the nurse came in to re-position him. She pulled him onto his side, and as she did, his eyes opened. Mary was leaning close to him, and looking right into his eyes as he opened them. "Hi honey! Can you see me? It's Mommy. How are you? Can you see me? I can see you!" And on she went, until he closed his eyes again. I wish I could have somehow captured that moment for others to witness. It was magical. I will never forget her face as I watched her look into Ian's eyes. There was joy in her eyes; love and hope. Her face was bright with God and I can't help but believe that he saw her through his unseeing eyes. I don't think that his sleepy mind could have possible resisted her love and the coma, for a few moments, gave way.

As we asked him over and over again to squeeze Larissa's hand, I think all of us would agree that he worked very hard at trying to do it. He moved his fingers a lot. He squeezed her hand. Sometimes he would--sometimes he wouldn't but I'm pretty sure he was really trying. His nurse told us to come and get her if he responded to a specific sequence of commands because "I would die twice to see it." He wasn't able to do it, so I'm happy that she will live at least another night. But who can say about tonight????

Jesus is in that room, tenderly caring for His fallen lamb, making Ian's sick bed for him as Charles Spurgeon says. His angels are hovering around him, ministering in ways that we can not see or imagine. Jesus is sweet beyond comprehension.

God is great,


Anonymous said...

We here at Haverstick Films pray for Ian and his family every day. We check the web site several times a day to see if there's any new news and we're so grateful to all of you who write of his progress. He devoted a whole summer of his life to helping us make our film and we we will forever be thankful for that and for the chance to work beside him and get to know sense of humor, creativity and heart.

adalieplain said...

Thank you for sharing your stories and updating so regulary. Your posts are so encouraging and do inspire me to pray for Ian even more.

Your faith is incredible, and we are praying for all of you!

-Adalie Plain
Crossway Church of Lancaster