Oct 5, 2006

What happened...

For new readers:

Our blog started in October of 2006 after Ian Murphy was in a very serious car accident and suffered a tramuatic brain injury. We have shared his story since then, from ICU, to a rehabilitation center, and to his home. The main authors have been Steve, his dad, and me, his girlfriend.

In August of 2009, Ian's dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and was given a prognosis of 14 months to live. So now we follow the story of Ian and of his dad.

We have been blessed with sound theological teaching and we know that God is sovereign. It is His will for Ian and Steve to be afflicted. We know that because Jesus died for us, God will one day receive us into glory. We are promised Christ- and so we eagerly await eternity with him.

Thank you for following our story. Please pray for Ian and Steve.


Anonymous said...

I heard about Ian from a friend of mine who goes to your church. I know what it's like to face having a loved one in a life threatening condition- but I also believe that God is able to heal even the most precarious situations. He has done it in our day and age and I'll be praying for Ian and your family and friends who care about him. I know it's hard on them all. I'll be praying and agreeing with you all for a miracle-- don't give up hope. Keep believing. It's always right to have faith, no matter what the outcome is--you can't EVER go wrong trusting God. Keep believing for him and fighting for him. I'll be praying with you.
A friend in Christ, Allana Assam
Tulsa, Ok.

Anonymous said...

I've known of Ian for a while, and he and his family have been on my mind and heart. I trust that Jesus will hold and care for all of you, Ian included, and that the Holy Spirit will touch your hearts deeply.

Your sister,
Bethany Camarat
Gig Harbor, WA

Katherine Reinhart said...

I saw a bumper sticker on a car in the Indiana PA, mall parking lot. It caught my eye... for I sent out a similar e-mail to friends and family in July (08) for my son Ian we found out has a brain tumor. I will keep you, Ian in my prayers along with my Ian.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for Ian, that our great and mighty God will give him his mind back fully, as He has 'kept' mine intact through pain and suffering. Let us trust Jesus.

Celine (old account) said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog today. I will definitely keep reading it from the beginning. I am praying for you and Ian and your marriage together.

Also, Katherine Reinhart, in case you see this post, I am praying for your son Ian, in case he is still alive from the tumor. I am praying for a miracle. Also, for peace for you and your family. I lost my father to brain cancer two years ago, July 2008. =