Oct 23, 2006

Recount the Mercies of God

I believe the time has come to recount the mercies God has already shown us in our prayers for Ian.

  • God spared Ian from death in the initial car wreck. He kept Ian alive amidst the mangled wreckage that we might lift prayers on his behalf.
  • God spared Ian when his brain was dying. Doctors gave him 2-4 hours to live. In his astonishing mercy, God again spared Ian's life, allowing us to lift more prayers on his behalf.
  • God touched Ian's knee. The doctors went in, expecting to repair a destroyed ligament. Instead they found a ligament that needed very little work at all. How kind of God!
  • Ian is breathing on his own, without the respirator. His heart is strong. His fever is down. God is preserving Ian!

Thank you Father for the mercies you have given Ian. Thank you for how you have already answered so many of our prayers!

Doesn't this encourage you to pray all the more fervently that God would wake Ian's sleeping brain! God is an astonishingly lavish God and I don't believe that we have reached the end of his mercies. He has already poured out incredible mercy on Ian thus far. This encourages me that He desires to continue to pour out his mercy. Let's pray that God would pour out more mercy on Ian by waking him up. For His glory alone...

-Stephen A


IUPCarrieG said...

I am a student at IUP. My roomate had a class with Ian and told me about what happened. I never met him, but he seems like a great kid. I just want you to know that he and you are in my prayers. I can not imagine what you are going through, but God's will is being done in Ian's life and I think it is safe to say that he is not through with Ian yet here on earth. You are all in my prayers, and though I don't know you, we are all a family in Christ. Remember, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philip 4:13. Hopefully through this event, people will come to know the Lord, and Ian will recover, and continue with his life. My friends and I will be praying for Ian, and for his friends and family to have the courage to move on and stay strong!! Hang in there, and remember God is an awesome God!
In Christ's Love,
Carrie Garver

Ellen T said...

Yes, indeed these points of thanks and testimonies of God's faithfulness certainly do encourage me!! I love to recall His goodness and especially in this case. How incredible is His love towards us.