Oct 20, 2006

A New Prayer

At Care Group tonight, I believe that God gave me a new prayer. I know that my sinful, selfish heart will often tell me that these things aren’t true. But as I learn to focus on truth, I pray that this will be a prayer of mine, and your, hearts.
Heavenly Father, Thank you that you’ve spared Ian’s life. Thank you that you have sustained him for the last two and a half weeks. Thank you that you met us in our darkest hour and brought Ian back to life. Thank you that his organs are working perfectly. Thank you for preserving his body. Thank you that you put him in the hospital that you did, so that his family could constantly be near him, praying for and talking to him.
God, thank you that you specifically chose Ian to be your instrument in our lives. Thank you that you allowed him to sacrifice this time of his life so that we, sinners, can be drawn nearer to you. Thank you that you are using the wounds on his body to teach us how to pray. Thank you that you are using his broken vertebrae and his injured knee prove to us that miracles are real. Thank you that you are using his bruised brain to turn hearts to you.
Thank you for the honor that our brother, friend, son and boyfriend was chosen to teach your children about the body of Christ and the power of prayer. Thank you that you created him to be such a memorable person, a gift that you have used to stir so many hearts to pray. Thank you that this accident was ordained by you, therefore making it no accident at all. Thank you that you chose Ian to remind us of your truths and your constant goodness.
Father, we come before you, each time we pray, with nothing to offer. But we believe that by your grace, you will once again meet us in our darkest hour and will restore Ian completely. We don’t know your will, but we believe that you want us to ask for the astonishing. Please wake Ian up in your time.
Above all, thank you that in life or in death, Ian’s life will glorify your name. Thank you that our prayers do not fall on deaf ears and that your name will be glorified. We will continue to knock and wait for your will to be done.


Lori Randolph said...

For Larissa...

Larissa, you don't know me, but I know of you. My name is Lori Randolph, and I am married to Lane Randolph. Lane works for Noble Real Estate and works very closely with Steve.

Ever since Lane received the phone call from Steve that Saturday evening, you have especially been on my heart and mind and in my prayers. My heart was filled with such sadness when Lane relayed the news to me after speaking with Steve, but what brought me to tears was thinking of you.

Lane and I have only been married for about a year and a half, and I remember our season of dating so vividly because it was not so long ago that Lane and I were in the same season you and Ian are in.

I wanted to thank you for what you wrote on the blog yesterday. I am amazed at where your heart's at with this trial -- you are praising God instead of being angry with Him. I'm sure there are times you are tempted to believe in untruths about God, but it is very evident through your "new prayer" that you are speaking to youself instead of listening to yourself and choosing to believe what is true about our God. What you wrote yesterday has impacted me -- thank you. Although your care and affections for Ian are obvious... your care and affections for our Lord, His Gospel and His glory are even more obvious. Larissa, your example has spurred me on, probably not in a way you were intending (because you don't even know me), but THANK YOU! I pray God would make my heart more like yours -- to have my care and affections for Lane obvious, but to have my care and affections for our Lord, His Gospel and His glory even more obvious!

Again, thank you for your example and for spurring me on.

I will continue to pray for Ian, for you, for Ian's family and friends...and above all, for God to be glorified.

Your sister in Christ,
Lori Randolph

Alivia's Momma said...


Thank you for this reminder. I often pray selfishly when it comes to Alivia's health..that my way be the Lord's way..I can even be demanding of the Lord and I have no rights and deserve nothing. Thank you for reminding me to be always thanking the Lord for all the blessings Alivia is to my life.
I pray all the time for the little boy I used to babysit who is such an amazing man now. I pray that he wakes up and that you get to be there when he does.

Sarah said...


I don't know if you remember me. I met you at Na and when you stayed at Jenn's house in Lancaster.
Anyway, I just want to thank you for your post. And point out that God truly is already working many miracles, not the least of which is how He is caring for your heart by directing it in His truth. It is incredibly faith building to see God leading you through this all.
God is the only one who is powerful and loving enough to change a heart, and He is the same One who sovereignly has the most loving and perfect plan for Ian.
I will continue to pray for Ian, you, the Murphy family, your church, and everyone else who is being affected by Ian's condition.

By God's grace,
Sarah S

Anonymous said...

To the Murphys and Larissa:

What a testimony of amazing grace that we, sinners and former enemies of God, can be changed to willfully submit to His sovereignty. Especially in times like these when, from our natural perspective, His love appears to have languished (but it really has not languished at all!). What a miracle that He changes our hearts to submit to His will, and to trust Him; not only for His glory but also for our good.

As many have already said, if He can save our souls and change our hearts, the effort required to heal Ian is a minor task in comparison. And it is clearly obvious that He has changed your hearts – evidence that He has miraculously saved your souls. And your visible faith is strengthening our hearts. We are uplifted by the trust that God is so clearly building in you. What an example you all are.

Although we would rather not have Ian or you endure this situation, we trust God along with you and submit to His Holy, Loving, Sovereign Grace. While we weep with you in your suffering, we rejoice with you that God is doing a greater work. And we anticipate that your fervent desire to submit to God will bear eternal fruit far beyond all your present suffering. So, although we would desire this trial had not come upon Ian and you, even more so, we would not want to deprive you of the blessings that God is working on Ian’s behalf and on your behalf through this trial, and through your humble submission to trust in Him.

And we are encouraged to be strong in the Lord as we see your efforts to walk out 2 Corinthians 4:16-18: “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” You are doing this! Thank you for your example.

But, oh, this trial seems anything but slight and momentary! This is significant. This is HUGE! But, in comparison to the eternal weight of glory awaiting those who have been redeemed, there is no comparison. None! And, in gentleness and tender, brotherly affection, we also understand and join in your urgent cry to see God’s healing accomplished - NOW! And your Heavenly Father understands also.

Although we are not standing in your shoes, we are standing beside you all. Continue in the good path and may God continue to be glorified! And may Ian be completely healed – SOON!

I write these things because the truth of God is the only real comfort for our souls. So, in turn, please do not hesitate to remind me of the truth when it is my turn. You are reminding me even now and setting an excellent example. Thank you.

John Q

Anonymous said...


You don't know me either. I'm friends with Amber Carpenter, who called me in Japan from the hospital one night to pray for Ian. Your prayer encourages me so much... Your words and heart are beautiful. "I will sing a new song," Pslam 40. Thank you for sharing your precious heart.

Jill Klaiber

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your prayer. We used it at our youth meeting last night as an example of how to pray with thanksgiving, looking at Philippians 4:4-7. You are bearing witness to Christ.

gabe bell - LHC, Harrisburg, PA