Oct 12, 2006

Ian's Surgery (Part Three)

From Steve:

Today’s surgeries were as successful as they could have been. The surgeon planned to do Ian’s knee only if the forearm surgery went well. Ian did well with the first surgery, so the doctor went ahead with the second. His forearm now has plates in the bones and will likely be nearly 100%. The knee surgery was intended only to reconstruct the bones as best they could. Ian now has various plates in his knee and will need to undergo surgery later to reconnect ligaments, etc., and graft new skin. Even after it all, medically he’ll be a long way from 100% in the knee. Please pray that no infection would develop and that the ultimate outcome of all of this would be a fully functional 100% knee.

I praised God for Ian’s coma after seeing the xrays of the damaged knee today. The pain he would have endured with this knee injury would have been unbearable. The coma is a design of God, I think, to keep someone from that level of pain. When he was through the surgery, my prayer changed to, “Lord, wake him up but not now; let him get past this knee stuff first. Or, heal his knee miraculously, then wake him up!” God is good.

Thank you for praying…



Patty W said...

I saw Mary Bennett at the mall last nght and we were saying the same thing; that under the circumstances of the pain of Ian's injuries we could consider this (temporary) coma an example of God's mercy and compassion. As I thought about this I was overwhelmed with gratefulness to God that He is in control. He knows exactly when to wake Ian up. It actually boosted my faith and confidence in God and his graciousness, his power and his plan. xoxox pw

Suzanne said...

Continuing to pray in Knoxville!
Suzanne - friend of Jenn and Eric

TimK said...

Steve and Family - We are praying for Ian and you guys out here in Dublin, California. TimK (my brother is TomK, pastoral intern at LOLC)