Oct 12, 2006

Ian's Surgery (Part 2)

I just received this email from my dad. In the Chronicles of Narnia they often say that "Aslan is on the move!" It seems that Jesus is indeed on the move.

Hi everyone,

Jesus is on the move, continuing to answer our prayers. I just talked to Kristi at the hospital, who said that they just finished the first part of the surgery, on Ian's arm. She said the surgeon said it went "extraordinarily well"! They are now operating on Ian's knee. The surgeon said that it is a very long surgery - probably several hours. But, once again, that's the word of man, not God.

How about taking just a minute, right now, to thank our gracious God for how well the arm surgery went, and that the knee surgery would also go "extraordinarily well" and quick.

Keep looking at the Savior, not the wind and the waves.


Thanks - Stephen A

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