Mar 17, 2014


Later this week, we'll be moving to a new website. When you come to prayforian, you will automatically be redirected to the new site -

Thank you for praying/supporting/loving Ian.


Leslie Neagle said...

Yeah, I just pre-ordered your book! ~Exciting!!! -Love you two♥

Anonymous said...

Praying all is well.
Wendy in MD

John Souder said...

Praise to God and Hooray for IAN! And thanks for writing Larissa. Our God is always faithful even when we feel like He has forgotten us. He has NOT.
Praying for continued perseverance!!
Bless you,

zach jasso said...

I just saw your video. It is awesome to see the love you two share and at the same time makes me great full for the love of my life. I will continue to pray for Ian in his healing and road to recovery as well as all of you, his family, for staying strong for him.

Anonymous said...

Your story really touched my heart when I read it. I haven't been able to stop thinking about what you both are going through, and I've been praying for you.