Aug 18, 2013

so let it be

Oh, it is sweet to be able to say, "My Lord, if for other reasons I need not suffer, yet if I can honor thee more by suffering, and if the loss of my earthly all will bring thee glory, then so let it be. I refuse the comfort, if it comes in the way of thine honor." O that we thus walked more in the footsteps of our Lord, cheerfully enduring trial for his sake, promptly and willingly putting away the thought of self and comfort when it would interfere with our finishing the work which he has given us to do. Great grace is needed, but great grace is provided.

- CH Spurgeon


Beyond Blessed said...

I've not stopped praying...may you always know you are being lifted up.

Our family thinks of you often.

This journey is so very hard...and I truly do understand.

auntie terry said...

amen and amen.

Anonymous said...

Just happened on your blog through a suggestion from another blog :)
I have a two year old with severe cerebral palsy.
So excited to see the progress Ian is making!
Both of my Grandma's have had a stroke and seeing your video has made me realize and understand for the first time what they might be feeling like! It has greatly changed the way I look at them and relate to them. May God give you strength for the Therapy.

Denise said...

This mother of 12 thanks you for posting this.

Amber said...

Wow. This is inspiring and motivating and encouraging. Thank you for sharing!