Jul 8, 2013

showers, weddings and babies

last week we welcomed our newest nephew into the world and were again reminded of just how intricately God works.

life has been full with showers and weddings and that little thing called a manuscript that's due terrifyingly soon.

with that and our vacation coming up next week, the blog will be silent for awhile. we're hoping to plow through the remaining work on our book with a goal of august being for relaxing, so you may not hear from us until then.

we're not taking the ramp on vacation this year to get into the house - a huge step for us. pray that God would keep ian healthy on vacation and that he would have lots of strength especially with walking up and down the stairs.

thank you, always.


Denise said...

Praying...for your deadline and for strength. May your vacation be full of Him in every respect!
Sioux City, Iowa

Jane in TX said...

An absolutely beautiful baby boy. Congratulations to the entire family.Enjoy your very much deserved vacation (without the ramp! Hooray for Ian'sprogress!!). I will be praying for you both throughout July as you write your way toward the mss goal.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation! L, it was wonderful sitting with you at Kelsey's shower. Planning on Indiana for the 21st. If you are back by then, I'll see you there.
With love and lots of prayers, Rene

Anonymous said...

Showers of blessings! Beautiful baby! Praying for strength & focus for you both as you rest up together. I'll daily check your site & pray. (By His grace)~Leslie Dawn

Anonymous said...

Have a time of refreshment on your vacation!

Still praying.

Mary Ann K.

Anonymous said...

How great is the God that works in our little lives! What a blessing that Ian is able to leave the ramp at home! I hope your vacation is a great blessing to you and that the Lord will give you both opportunities to be blessings wherever you go.
Praying for you,
Whitney M.

Elaine Fernandes Da Costa Nunes said...


Denise said...

Continuing to pray for that manuscript!