May 27, 2013


ian was back on a four-wheeler for the first time today - which means our trips to the country just got a lot more exciting. he's either getting a lot stronger or we're getting more daring with driving a golf cart and riding a four wheeler becoming newfound activities.

the pool opened this weekend, which means upcoming date nights with chlorine and pizza. i'm praying that ian can walk into the pool this year instead of riding in on a wheelchair.

i asked ian if we could request prayer for his motivation. he's working hard - but only when he wants to. i know that only God can keep him motivated and engaged and aware of a greater purpose. we would love any prayers for that specifically.

"my forgetfulness is the problem. it's running rampant. i have trouble remembering the goal. I need God's power in my life." - Ian

thank you,


Anonymous said...

Received my "Green Swirl" painting the other day. Thanks so much! Will be praying for motivation for you Ian! Love Jay and Casey

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun!
Ian, your comment reminded me of how
we all have trouble remembering our goals. For me it is because I lose focus on Jesus, not because I suffer from a brain injury. This world's worries tempt me to get my focus off Christ. When I do that I have "trouble remembering" to REST/TRUST IN JESUS, which is one of my goals. I'm still praying for you and your family. You have all been through much that only Christ Jesus fully knows and understands. I'm glad you desire God's continued power in your life, so do I.
Wendy in MD

Anonymous said...

Aaww; FUN! (:
I will pray for you guys -- motivation, specifically (and then some). What great strides though in Ian's progress!

God bless and have a wonderful summer!


Anonymous said...

Daily prayers for both of you. So happy that you both will enjoy the pool AND pizza. Hear about the filming last Sunday. Looking forward to seeing it one day. With continue love in Christ, Rene

Leslie Dawn said...

"..the prudent are crowned with knowledge." ~Proverbs 14:18b
God has crowned you with much knowledge Ian. Praying♥

Jenny - PA said...

Consider it done...

Leslie Dawn said...

Ok Ian Praying♥ Wendy's right.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you both. You give me such hope and courage to "press on."

Linda Hagopian said...

I will pray for Ian's motivation, and humbly ask for prayers for my own. Life is slipping by, and as much as I want to remain focused upon Christ with my every breath, I find my mind elsewhere. Therefore my actions aren't centered upon my work for the Lord. I do so wish to live entirely for Christ!

Melissa said...

I keep trying to come up with something profound t say, but coming up empty.

Your spirit is large. And God is with you always.

My heart goes with you and Ian.

Denise said...

Praying for God's power in your life, Ian, to help you remember the goal. Your progress since I've been following your blog has been remarkable--so God glorifying! May both of you be showered with His grace.
Denise in IA