Apr 7, 2013


my new friends, who helped me to stumble through my first time speaking at a weekend retreat. 

coming home to a new season of patio life and sleeping with windows open.

god brings new life with spring and sun. resting in thankfulness tonight for that newness and for God always winning.

thank you, for praying. ian continues to have fatigue and we continue to pray for God to show us why.


jes said...

Ian, thank you for loaning your treasured Wifey to us this weekend. I was blessed by Larissa's humble transparency in the hard things of life and her relentlessly glorifying God in it ALL.

We pray and watch with joyful anticipation what God is doing with you and your family. To God be all Glory!

Jessica said...

Please thank Ian for giving of his "wifey" this weekend. I didn't meet you specifically but your story truly spoke to me. Specifically, when you spoke about your father in law's passing and how THAT was the moment he had been waiting for all of his life. It really put it in perspective for me as YES, that is our moment when we are with Christ. You are in my prayers and I will continue to life up you & Ian as you continue this more public journey in life. May God's face shine upon you and give you peace.

Christine said...

Praying with you. And I'm so grateful too that God always wins.

Simocha said...

Praise God that all went well! Praying for Ian's fatigue to improve and for God to make all clear to his doctors, and to you.

Always praying.

cori haughery said...

we are enjoying the fresh spring sensations as well...

what a cool photo. and what a cool thing that you are speaking.

praying for you both.