Apr 14, 2013

ian's paintings

ian opened a shop to start selling some of his art therapy paintings. all of the money he earns will pay for his therapy sessions where he's learning to walk, which we're now required to pay for privately. one painting sold pays for one day of therapy.

i love watching him paint. i love that he can paint. i love that he talks through each of his paintings and they mean something to him.

we hope you enjoy!


Katie L said...


Pretty lady said...

This is wonderful! Let us know when the shop is restocked. You're blessed to be a blessing and I would love to bless you. Your blog, life & marriage has blessed me abundantly.

Sharon Wang said...

Awww man, didn't check the blog for a few days and I missed out :( Can't wait for the next round of paintings!

Anonymous said...

Ian and Larissa, thank you for sharing your story and your hope. We'll probably not meet here on temporary earth, but I'm happy to have you as a bro and sis in Christ. Ian thanks for skyping into the conference to meet us. We all loved listening to your beautiful wifey. I will pray for you and your family. Thanks again for making the trip to Philly and I look forward to seeing some paintings. May your brain continue to heal in the hands of our merciful Savior and Lord. Love, Gwenn Amos from CCPhilly