Apr 16, 2013

28 (again)

ian what do you hope for in year 28?

to fall more in love with my savior.

how do you have such a tender heart for the Lord?

He's given me everything.


Melanie said...

Ian and Larissa,

I've been following your blog for some time now (found it on the Desiring God website) and can't even begin to express what it has meant to me. Your story has truly shown me a facet of God's character that I didn't know before and given me a whole new understanding of what it means to lead a godly marriage. I rejoice with you as Ian celebrates his 28th birthday, being able to walk, and will continue to pray for his continued healing. Yours is a beautiful story and you better believe I will be purchasing your book at the earliest opportunity :)
Your writing has a purity and beauty to it that few other things in our society do today. I recognize I am probably one amongst many who have made such comments, but I hope these words of encouragement fall afresh for you. May God bless you both so richly!


LeslieD said...


Lia Costa said...

I really appreciate the way that Ian see God! His way to see makes me try to open my eyes to see that same, to feel gratefull as him. Thank you for sharing Larissa! And Happy birthday Ian!
Lots of Love to you. God Bless you ^^

Colista said...

Happy 28th Birthday, Ian! I pray this year is a year of beautiful things from the Lord for you and Larissa.

I love to come here and visit. I don't know why I don't comment typically, but thank you for sharing bits of your life. You are an encouragement to me. Love that you are walking! Praising God!

Simocha said...

What wonderful blessings you've had in this space. God's been good. What a gift each birthday is and what a blessing to know we are in his sovereign will.

Happy Birthday, Ian.